Premier Bet Zone – Get Your Betting Shop Codes

What is Premier Bet Zone?

Premier Bet Zone is a betting platform that is hosted by the very same Premier bet brand that you have been hearing about. The only difference is that Premier Bet Zone is actually used to obtain your unique betting shop code that reserves your selections and stakes. As soon as you receive your code, simply head to the closest Premier Bet shop, give one of our representatives your code, and your stakes will be placed on the selections you have made.

How can I generate my unique code?

Generating your code is fairly simple. First you should head over to our sister platform Premier Bet Zone Angola. Once you’re through, make your selections as you would normally do on our main Premier bet online sites. You can go through the different sports that include: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Ice-hockey, handball, Rugby, ESports & more. Once you choose your favourite sport, select whether you would like to bet on matches that are happening today, bet in the Top Leagues, bet on Matches that are currently In Play or simply bet on the Most Popular matches.

Once you have made up your mind on the selections, head to the bottom of you phone’s screen and select your BetSlip. The number above indicates the number of selections you have made. In the BetSlip section, you can either place your customised stake or make use of the quick stake options. Select the ‘Book Your Bet’ option and your unique Shop Code will be generated.